Painted Trees

Through the Oak Doors

When the Levee Breaks

Birthday Present


As a child, reading was a favorite pastime because I would find myself in another realm and was allowed to explore. Adventures encouraged me to create my own narratives and to make commonplace things or activities more significant. This early form of creation was a way to escape to another world with endless possibilities. Curiosity and discovery are important in my art as I often piece together small moments or incorporate multiples that create a whole. When I consider my memories and my current thought process I find links of contradiction. I explore the idea of opposition both technically and conceptually in my sculptures and installations such as hard/soft, whimsical/serious, and reality/fantasy. These polarities reference memories of growing up in south Louisiana, and how I interpret those memories today. While I do not dream of reliving my childhood or adolescence, I am determined to never forget how the past has influenced my perspective on the world.